BIG, BIG news!!


The picture above is something you all already know, but we just felt like we had to (once again) make it official!

Friends and family we want to let you know that we got official word that we are off the waiting list (finally!) and are officially going to be listed and have our album shown to birth parents!

Next step is for us to fill out a bunch of paperwork (not fun) and finish our album and then who knows, we could get a call that a birth mother is interested in us or we could get a call that there is a baby waiting for us. We literally could go from not being parents to actually being parents in weeks or months, that is the scary part, but we are confident that things will work out in the end.

Hopefully we will have another update soon…as we said, paperwork is due next and we will be finishing our profile!


3 thoughts on “BIG, BIG news!!

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