Nesting and other fun stuff

targetSo far we have been slightly slow on the “getting the baby room ready” department, this is mostly because of the fact that we have been on the waiting list to be on the waiting list, and then on another official waiting list. We didn’t want to get too excited about buying baby things, assembling furniture and preparing the room because we figured “it’s going to be a while”.

That is until now of course! If you scroll down to our previous blog post (as in this one right here), you will remember that we FINALLY got taken off the official waiting list and are now ready to be moved to being an active family for potential birth parents to view our profile. We have been careful with not setting up the baby room and getting too much baby stuff until this point. We’ve been given a few things like a crib, bassinet, high chair and a few necessities. Today we bought a few other things to set up “the room” and feels great to be nesting.

The time is coming close for us…well at least we would like to think it is close. Yesterday we got to fill out some paperwork (some of it hard to do, more on that in a later post) and our home study is just about finalized. We are about to officially become a “listed” family with our agency, Adoption Assistance Agency. The Agency we are working with only works with 10 families at a time and we are getting moved up to being one of those active families that they work with. This means once everything is set to go we could get a call in a matter of weeks or it could be months (or longer) that either a birth parent is interested in our profile or they could call us telling us a baby has been born that fits our profile. We are being proactive and trying to be as ready as we can for when the baby comes because as we have said before, when you’re adopting there really isn’t a specific time frame to wait, it could be from one moment to another that we could be parents.

We want to be ready for you!


Future Mom and Dad!



BIG, BIG news!!


The picture above is something you all already know, but we just felt like we had to (once again) make it official!

Friends and family we want to let you know that we got official word that we are off the waiting list (finally!) and are officially going to be listed and have our album shown to birth parents!

Next step is for us to fill out a bunch of paperwork (not fun) and finish our album and then who knows, we could get a call that a birth mother is interested in us or we could get a call that there is a baby waiting for us. We literally could go from not being parents to actually being parents in weeks or months, that is the scary part, but we are confident that things will work out in the end.

Hopefully we will have another update soon…as we said, paperwork is due next and we will be finishing our profile!

Almost there, but not quite there yet

This has been a very busy last couple months in our lives. We are still in the midst of our home study (which should be completed soon-ish), we have finished the draft for our adoption album and are waiting for the “go ahead” to become a listed family with the agency we are working with. To say that we are having a roller coaster of emotions would be selling it short.

Ever since we decided we were adopting, we have been waiting for this moment. We did research, we found an agency, were put in two separate waiting lists (a waiting to be waiting and an actual waiting list), we have been through the state required adoption training and now are almost at the end of our home study. This moment seemed like it was at some point so far away. We would say things like “it won’t be a while until it becomes real”, or “we still have plenty of time until we are off the waiting list”, and while the days, weeks and months seemed like they took forever to get to this point, we now can look back at it and be thankful for how long the whole process has been.

We are amazed at how we have grown individually and as a couple as well during this time. We are more ready than ever to be parents. We long for when the day comes that we have a baby to hold to call our own and we can’t wait. That day is coming soon…or at least sooner than it was over a year ago when we decided to get on this crazy ride!