Adoption buffering

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The picture above is exactly how we have been feeling lately, like we are buffering. Over a month ago we finally heard from our agency that we are off the “unofficial” waiting list onto the “official” waiting list. We know this can sound confusing because it is…the agency we are working only works with 10 families and has a waiting list of 5 families, so we were waiting to get into the list of 5 so we can be one of the 10 that they actively work with.

Last month we filled all our adoption application paperwork as well as the first part of our home study paperwork and were told that we would hear back from them as soon as we were ready to move up on the list again. This is why we feel like we have entered an “adoption buffering zone”, where we are just waiting for something to happen.

A lot of people ask us what is going on and in all honesty we wish we had better news for you all, this is why we haven’t been updating the blog very much but hopefully we hear some news soon. In the mean time we keep waiting, and waiting, and will keep waiting.


The Guerreros