Almost there, but not quite there yet

This has been a very busy last couple months in our lives. We are still in the midst of our home study (which should be completed soon-ish), we have finished the draft for our adoption album and are waiting for the “go ahead” to become a listed family with the agency we are working with. To say that we are having a roller coaster of emotions would be selling it short.

Ever since we decided we were adopting, we have been waiting for this moment. We did research, we found an agency, were put in two separate waiting lists (a waiting to be waiting and an actual waiting list), we have been through the state required adoption training and now are almost at the end of our home study. This moment seemed like it was at some point so far away. We would say things like “it won’t be a while until it becomes real”, or “we still have plenty of time until we are off the waiting list”, and while the days, weeks and months seemed like they took forever to get to this point, we now can look back at it and be thankful for how long the whole process has been.

We are amazed at how we have grown individually and as a couple as well during this time. We are more ready than ever to be parents. We long for when the day comes that we have a baby to hold to call our own and we can’t wait. That day is coming soon…or at least sooner than it was over a year ago when we decided to get on this crazy ride!



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