We call that a success!


This weekend we had our adoption yard sale fundraiser, and boy did we not know what we were signing up for! It was a lot of work but definitely the hard work paid off.

From family and friends gathering stuff and spring cleaning their homes, to volunteers that showed up to help set up and clean up as well as friends that so graciously let us borrow their home and space to have our yard sale, this became another clear example to us of the community that loves us and supports us and that we are so grateful to be a part of and that we also can’t wait until we have this child placed in our home and lives to share this joy with some day.

As we got a chance to rest and debrief about it, we are so grateful for all the help. We started the morning around 4:30 to get ready and set up and had some early birds waiting already to go over our stuff. We also were amazed at what seems to be this yard sale sub-culture we did not know much about, as we folks came and went looking for what they needed, it was awesome to know that every dollar is going towards the adoption fund we have working so hard to increase.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!


The Guerreros



The light is becoming a little brighter

743473_70247642.jpgSo on Friday we got some great news from our agency! Not huge news, but it is news, which at this point any news is great news!

We get to go in May to Albuquerque (where our agency’s office is, which for those of you not local is about 2 1/2 hours from here) for our agency’s quarterly orientation/training for new adoptive families.

OK, so maybe it is huge news! This by no means is saying that we are close at all to completing our adoption process, but it is a step forward and at this point any step we take feels like a huge leap. After this event in May we will hopefully work on getting our home study done and then be listed for prospective birth moms to review our profile. How crazy is that?! We are both in awe that after almost a full year of praying, raising funds and preparing ourselves things seem to be moving along.

This event can’t come any faster!


Holding on


To say the phrase above relates to our adoption journey is probably an understatement of our adoption journey and the process that has been developing in our hearts.

First of all, we realized that it was almost around a year ago when we started to wonder if having kids “the natural way” was even an option for us. We had a lot of doubt and a lot fear in our minds, we weren’t sure even if we wanted to face the thought that maybe we were struggling with infertility. One day it hit us like a ton of bricks, we knew that maybe that was the reason why every month that test kept saying negative and that perhaps it was time to start exploring other options. That was the moment when our hearts began this transformation towards adoption.

We have said before that adoption was something we always thought we wanted to do and something we saw ourselves down the line doing, so maybe this is why the shift was a little easier than we would have thought at first. God knew that our hearts would endure the challenge and patience of going through the adoption process.

Even this is not about us.

Many things had to happen for us to get to the point of deciding that adoption was the way for us and that our family would be somewhat “non traditional” (because to us, there is nothing non traditional about adopting, although in the general sense of some people it might be). We often think of the blessing that child will be in our lives, and also about the fact that this child is being hand picked by God to live and be raised in our home and how He is giving him or her the opportunity to live in a loving home.

Yes, our family will not be the norm in the eyes of the world but it will be to us, and our kids through the gift of adoption.

How exciting!