Because we love you


A dear friend of ours that is also an adoptive parent shared this on our Facebook this week. These words resonate so much as we think, pray and already love our future child (children, let’s be honest!). We have no idea what he or she will even look like or where he or she will come, but we already love our kid, more than words can express!

As the days get closer and as we continue to raise funds to adopt you, we love you more than you will ever know. Someday you will make us a lucky Mom and a lucky Dad.

T-shirt Campaign: One week left!

Only one week less to purchase a T-shirt as part of our campaign. We have been very thankful and happy to know that there is much support from friends that have purchased, or are planning on it.

Don’t forget to click here to purchase a T-shirt!


(If you purchase a t-shirt, take a selfie with it and either post it on Social Media, text or e-mail it to us. We want to see how they look on y’all!)

Our Family Slogan

Wow, we find it so hard to believe that we have been in the midst of gearing up and working on prepping for adoption since June! This year has been both a blessing and a struggle with us as we came to the realization earlier that having children “the natural way” may or may not be something that will happen to us.

For this reason we have decided to adopt this as our family slogan:


This is in the back side of our T-shirt campaign (which you can find if you click on this link, but the offer ends on August 31st!). It means to us our acceptance that our children may never be “blood related” to us, but that doesn’t matter to us. Family IS more than blood! It’s laughter, love, tears, adventure, experiences, joy, sadness, hope and much more. If there is anything we have learned through adoption is that family is all of that, and while our kids may not carry our same genes and DNA, they will have us. They will be loving and compassionate like Danielle and outgoing and adventurous like Luis, they will share similar traits with their aunts, uncles and grandparents and will always be loved, no matter who or even where the came from. We believe that our children will be Guerreros, just as much as we are.

Family IS more than blood.

Family IS love.

The Cat is Home Study ready

11821869_1633462770260231_603805061_nThere are some things that can seem small that you never expect would be a “thing” when you are adopting. One of them is making sure your pets are up to code and healthy, this is why this week we made sure we had all of Cali’s shots and health up to date.

This is Cali, she is around 4 years old and we got her when we were first dating. Danielle saw an ad on Craigslist for someone giving out kittens and she called me to ask “hey, do you like cats?” Now let me clarify, I never disliked cats, I had a cat growing up, I just hadn’t thought of the prospect of having a cat, specially with someone I had just started dating. What I didn’t know is that Danielle and her Mom and Sister were on their way to this barn in the middle of nowhere to pick up this cat. They arrived at this barn with all these malnourished kittens that were probably starving and not taken care of, they ended up choosing Cali to be ours.

Cats have odd personalities, Cali is not really a people person, we don’t even know if she likes even us some times and then other times she can’t get enough of being around us. She freaks out whenever family or friends come over and it takes her a day or two when people from out of town stay with us.

But she is ours and we have loved her.

Anyway, for the home study process, any pets in the house need to have all their shots and vet records up to day, so as small as this step may sound, we are pretty happy that we got this first step done.

Now hopefully we can start progressing some more soon, but all in due time.