Our Family Slogan

Wow, we find it so hard to believe that we have been in the midst of gearing up and working on prepping for adoption since June! This year has been both a blessing and a struggle with us as we came to the realization earlier that having children “the natural way” may or may not be something that will happen to us.

For this reason we have decided to adopt this as our family slogan:


This is in the back side of our T-shirt campaign (which you can find if you click on this link, but the offer ends on August 31st!). It means to us our acceptance that our children may never be “blood related” to us, but that doesn’t matter to us. Family IS more than blood! It’s laughter, love, tears, adventure, experiences, joy, sadness, hope and much more. If there is anything we have learned through adoption is that family is all of that, and while our kids may not carry our same genes and DNA, they will have us. They will be loving and compassionate like Danielle and outgoing and adventurous like Luis, they will share similar traits with their aunts, uncles and grandparents and will always be loved, no matter who or even where the came from. We believe that our children will be Guerreros, just as much as we are.

Family IS more than blood.

Family IS love.


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