Inside the Womb

Very interesting. We often think about who the woman is that will (or is for all we know) that will be carrying our children. We will forever be grateful to her for making the choice of giving a child away, instead of the other alternative when someone has an unexpected pregnancy.

Diamond Mike Watson

11811367_985730768136294_2677470364734882904_nOctober, 1957. This pregnant lady is the birthmother I have never known. The amazing thing is realizing that I am growing in her womb, and that I was born four months after this photo was taken.  I was never told as child , “You came from mommy’s stomach.” For so many years, I thought a woman was simply fat when she was pregnant. I didn’t understand the concept of pregnancy because I thought kids were chosen.

I have always been such an investigative adoptee.  That’s why I have lost many “friends” over the years. I discovered who my birthparents were from 20 years of searching. My birth family was told by my birthmother that I was born dead, so there was no reason for anyone to go search for me.

Until I was 36 years old, I had many recurring feelings of being alone. Until then, I had never…

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