By this time next year

We had a crazy thought today: what if by this time next year we are parents already? I mean, how crazy (awesome) would that be?!

As we are in full fundraising mode (and planning our next ones), it is so incredible that in just a few months we are actually about a fifth of the way to reach our total adoption goal and have been so amazed at the love and support of family and friends!

Back to our thought for today, we really could be parents in a year! The Agency we are signed up for has us in a waiting list to be on the official list for a birth mom to pick us to adopt their baby, and while we were told on average that is about a year (or longer in some cases) process, that could totally happen.

Family and friends, we want nothing more than to be parents and can’t wait to do so and as the day draws closer we are just getting more and more exciting about when this day comes!


Luis & Danielle



5 thoughts on “By this time next year

  1. Hi there, I am also going through the adoption process but in the UK so it’s done quite differently. Me and my hubby are now in the stage of saying ‘this time next year’ – it’s very exciting! Good luck with your journey.

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