More on the home study

Smile-thumbs-up-clip-art-clipart-image-0Things are finally moving along, and a lot sooner than we expected too! Today we spoke with the social worker and we scheduled our home study, which will take place soon. There are some things we need to start working on before we get started, but we have all the confidence that we will get it all done and take care of.

For those of you who are not familiar with the adoption process, the home study is the first real step towards adoption, this is basically a study done on our home (that is where the name comes from), our lives, and basically how we would do as parents raising a child. This to many may sound intrusive or even unnecessary, but it is something all families adopting have to do as it is a requirement across the board for any type of adoption.

We’ll keep you posted as we actively get to the process, home studies typically are a 90 day process so we will be doing a lot through out the next few months but once that is completed we should be good to go for the agency to show our album to birth moms and be one step much closer to being parents!



One thought on “More on the home study

  1. Yay!! Great news!
    My best advice is to unapologetically honest. Just assume everything will come out of the woodwork, but in the end it will help you the most. And it does feel invasive. Probably more than it sounds (you may even learn things about yourselves and each other that you never knew… We did and we’ve been inseperable for 12 years). We came to peace with that when we kept in mind that it is what is best for our child and it made our lives all the easier… This is what you’ve been practicing for. (Don’t worry, it’s more “casual” and conversational than it seems).

    Just remember– no matter what, you are a united front. Things will get stressful (in ways you won’t expect), and emotions will all resurface (EVERYTHING you have experienced thus far). But you two will be your best allies. Especially when you’re surrounded by good-intentioned, but unknowledgable world of people.

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