The finish line is looking closer


Dear Friends and Family,

We know that updates have been a little slow these past couple months. The year started with us getting a notification via email that we were officially being moved to the waiting list with the adoption agency we are working with (in case you missed that, you can read it here) and then news just kind of stopped there. This year has been many things so far, but one thing we have really learned is to be patient. We thought the wait would get easier,  but in a sense it has not.

So what does the title of this blog post mean? 

In the midst of wondering and of (again) continued to be reminded that patience seems to be theme of our lives right now, we decided to get in touch with the agency because it had literally been about 2 months since we had heard any news from them. We knew we were in their minds because the check we sent along with our application fee cleared right away, yet we had not heard anything at all from them after that.

The agency had previously told us that we were moving into the official waiting list and that it would probably still be some time until things moved on in the process. Well we found out a couple things from that:

  1. We have moved from being waiting family #5 to #3. This may not sound like a huge move, but for a small agency that only works with 10 active families at a time it is. This means that 2 families recently completed their journey of adoption and had their new boy or girl with them (that’s awesome for them!).
  2. We will more than likely be attending their orientation/training for new active families in June of July. This will take place in Albuquerque and they let us know we will probably be included in that one because they only have these in a quarterly basis.
  3. There is a pretty good chance we will be conducting our home study soon. OK so this one is more tentative than the other ones because it depends on how soon the other 3 families that are waiting for their babies to be born complete the process, but the representative from the agency we keep in contact with felt very confident that we should be starting the homestudy process around the time we attend the training.

So there you have it, some small news for the moment. It was encouraging to know from the agency that they are expecting a good number (and I’m guessing maybe that’s 4 or 5) to complete their adoption processes within the next few months, which is why they are confident we will move on soon. We are not concerned about when this happens because for all we know our birth mom may already be carrying our baby…or not, God has His timeline and we know that in His time this will all happen.


The Guerreros


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