The Empty Room

roomWe’ve been home owners since the very end of December 2014 after a very long search for what would become our home and the place we would hopefully raise our children.

When we moved to this house we left one of the bedrooms empty on purpose because that was around the time when we were getting that monthly dissapointment of a failed pregnancy test. We had so much planned as we were moving in all of our stuff into the house, but we just left that room empty (we loaded boxes in there and it was a good stage room for stuff) with the purpose of it eventually turning into a nursery.

As months went by and there was still no positive, the reminder of there being an empty room not being used kept haunting us more each day. At the moment, its just our extra room, where Luis and his guitar and music stuff and a few boxes live. That room right now is a reminder of how being patient and waiting will some day pay off.

One thing we’ve addressed in our blog before is the time line of things. Most couples when they are expecting have an idea of when to start decorating and buying furniture. Every time we walk by that room we are reminded of how depending on how the process goes, we may not have time to prepare the room. When you adopt you can get a call that a birth mother has chosen you and this may be early in the pregnancy or you may get a call that a child has been born and he/she is ready for you to take them home. For all we know, this room may be empty until the day we bring a child into our home.

But some day it won’t be empty. Someday it will be full of toys, and kid furniture, and tears, and laughter and memories. Until that day comes, this room is a reminder that it will be worth the wait.


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